Warrane College Cultural Achievement Residential Awards UGCE1165

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High School Leavers

High school leavers



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For 2 years


No residency requirements


The Warrane College Residential Cultural Award is established to assist first-year MALE residents with accommodation costs at: Warrane College.

This Award is payable as credit notes in semester 1 and 2 and is only for accommodation expenses at Warrane College.

Application Process

This scholarship is included in the Warrane Colleges Residential Scholarship Common Application. In order to be potentially considered for this scholarship please apply via the advertisement. Warrane College Academic Achievement Residential Awards (UGCE1163)


The Residential Cultural Award will be available to:

  • first-year residents of Warrane College who are full-time, undergraduate students in any Faculty at UNSW.


Specific selection criteria:

  • attainment of a high grade (AMEB or equivalent) in one or more musical instruments and or
  • demonstrated performance experience in music, drama or other arts; and or
  • evidence of potential for leadership in cultural events
  • In addition, applicants will be assessed on the basis of their Warrane College application and admission interview, their community involvement and likelihood to contribute to life at UNSW and Warrane College

Special Application Procedure:
To be considered for the Residential Award, applicants are required to:

  1. submit an application for accommodation to Warrane College, indicating their intention to apply for the Residential Award; and
  2. submit an application to UNSW Scholarships that also includes:
    1. a statement that addresses the specific selection criteria
    2. a statement outlining ways in which the applicant would be able to make a significant contribution to collegiate life at Warrane College and UNSW at large;
    3. details of a referee.


Shortlisted applicants my be invited to an interview.

You are not able to apply for this scholarship through My Application Online - UNSW Scholarships.

No application required (alternate selection criteria apply).