Cecilia Brungs Refugee & Asylum Seeker Scholarship UGCE1468

Scholarship Details
Social Economic High School Leavers 1st year PG

High school leavers, First year students, Postgraduate students



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Scholarship(s) available
For Duration of program (minimum)


International/Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa


The Cecilia Brungs Refugee & Asylum Seeker Scholarship has been established to provide scholarships to talented students who are asylum seekers or refugees on temporary and permanent humanitarian visas with the opportunity to pursue tertiary education at UNSW.

Students who are asylum seekers or refugees with a genuine interest and passion to undertake studies at UNSW are strongly encouraged to apply for this Scholarship.

The Scholarship will comprise of:

  • A $5,000 per annum stipend paid fortnightly over the calendar year for the minimum duration of program


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be commencing an eligible UNSW coursework degree program in 2023*; and,
  • Have received an offer of admission into an eligible program for 2023 by Tuesday, 31 January 2023; and,
  • Be an asylum seeker or refugee currently holding** one of the following visas:
    • Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785)
    • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790)
    • Bridging Visa A (BVA) (Subclass 010)***
    • Bridging Visa E (BVE) (Subclass 050 and 051)***
    • Temporary Humanitarian Concern Visa (Subclass 786)
    • Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 449)
    • Global Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 202)
    • Protection Visa (Subclass 866)
    • Refugee Visa (Subclass 200, 201, 203 or 204)

*Students may submit an application if they have applied to UNSW for a coursework degree program commencing in 2023 (via UAC or direct to UNSW at apply.unsw.edu.au) and have not yet received an offer of admission.

**The eligible visa must be 'in effect' by the application deadline.

***Applicants holding a BVA or BVE, will also need to submit a letter or relevant documentation from a recognised organisation supporting their status as a refugee or asylum seeker, and must ensure they have Australian study rights whilst holding that visa.

To enable UNSW to verify that the applicant holds an eligible visa, the applicant must include in their application a copy of their current passport, or the travel documentation used to enter Australia. Accordingly, a copy of one of the following documents must be provided:

  • Passport
  • Immicard
  • Titre de Voyage
  • PLO56 (M56)
  • Document For Travel To Australia (DFTTA)

Documentation and visa status will be checked using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service. Please contact UNSW Scholarships if you are unsure about the documentation requirements.


Each applicant will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate:

  • Academic merit
  • Aptitude and commitment to studies at UNSW

Applicants must provide evidence supporting the above criteria in the online application. Please refer to the Scholarship Application Supporting Documents for a detailed list of examples.

To support their application, applicants should submit a personal statement with their supporting documentation. The personal statement should outline the applicant's individual circumstances, highlighting any obstacles or challenges faced by the applicant in accessing educational opportunities as an asylum seeker or refugee. Personal statements should not exceed 500 words in length and must be included in the supporting document file attached to the application.

If you need any assistance in applying, please contact UNSW Scholarships.

Please note that any unanswered application questions or claims without the required supporting documentation will not be assessed. Late applications / supporting documentation will not be accepted.


Interviews are not required for this Scholarship.

Applications for this scholarship are currently closed.

Application is via the UNSW Scholarships "My Application Online".