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For all scholarship applicants

Should I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available to recognise your academic and other achievements (such as leadership, community involvement, commitment to a program of study), and to assist students for a variety of reasons. If there are scholarships applicable to you and you meet the selection criteria then you should apply.

UNSW Scholarships allows you to apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for.

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How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarship applications for most future and current undergraduate & postgraduate coursework students are on-line via this web site ( Some external or other scholarship programs may require a different application process, so please check the information listed.

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What is my Login ID?

To begin using the UNSW Scholarships on-line application system you first need to register.

Currently enrolled UNSW students (includes local* and international): Use your UNSW Student ID without the "z" e.g. 1234567.

Future Students applying for admission:

  • Local* undergraduate (includes high school leavers**): Use your nine digit UAC Application number e.g. 123456789.
  • Local postgraduate: Use your nine digit UAC Application number e.g. 123456789
  • International: If you applied for admission via UAC International, use your nine digit UAC Application number e.g. 123456789. All other international applicants use your UNSW Student ID without the "z" e.g. 1234567.
  • AGSM applicants please contact AGSM MBA Admissions for queries regarding your UNSW Student ID. +61 2 9931 9490,

*A local applicant for scholarship purposes means an Australian Citizen, or Australian Permanent Resident. New Zealand Citizens or residents are not considered local applicants for scholarship purposes.

** If you do not yet have a UAC Number, please use your Board of Studies number with a leading "1" e.g. "112345678". You MUST ensure you update to/provide a valid UAC Number prior to final submission of any scholarship applications.

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Do I need to apply separately for admission to UNSW?

Yes. Submitting an application for a scholarship does not constitute an application for entry or guarantee entry to programs at UNSW - applicants who are not current UNSW students must apply for admission to UNSW separately. Click here for information on apply to UNSW.

Should you be offered a program or faculty specific scholarship, it is your responsibility to ensure that you enrol in/are enrolled in the correct program.

For those currently seeking entry to UNSW, it is your responsibility to ensure that your UAC preferences are such that you gain entry to the program required by the scholarship.

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Do I have to commit to a particular program of study to apply for a scholarship?

Where a specific degree program or course of study in a Faculty has been specified in the terms of the scholarship the successful applicant must be enrolled in that degree program and/or Faculty as a full-time student.

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Am I considered a Rural Student?

UNSW Scholarships considers anyone who is not classed as living in a "Major city of Australia" a rural student, however some scholarships list specific requirements and you should always check individual scholarship criteria.

In most instances rural areas will be considered according to the Australian Standard Geographical Classification - Remoteness Areas. You can check your status by using the link below. If you are currently living interstate you should only use the link below as a guide. If applying from a capital city in any state other than NSW you will be classed as living in a "Major city of Australia".

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Can scholarships be deferred?

Most scholarships cannot be deferred. If you are choosing to defer your program (e.g. to take a gap year) and you have received an offer of a UNSW Scholarship you will need to contact UNSW Scholarships to check if your scholarship can be deferred or not.

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Can I hold more than one scholarship?

Generally students can only hold one scholarship at any one time. However there are exceptions and if you are offered more than one UNSW scholarship you will be advised whether you are permitted to hold them concurrently.

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What is full-time enrolment?

Full-time enrolment means undertaking at least 18 units of credit (usually 3 subjects) each Semester. Note that most scholarship durations are calculated based on a normal full-time load of 24 units of credit (4 subjects). Some scholarships may also stipulate full-time enrolment of 24 units of credit each semester.

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What are the Terms & Conditions associated with holding a UNSW scholarship?

Conditions of scholarships vary; however they will be clearly outlined in the offer letter sent to successful applicants. You will need to ensure that you understand the conditions for your scholarship as part of the acceptance process.

Please note that the scholarship information (including the availability of scholarships and their value) on this website is subject to change without notice.

UNSW reserves the right to withdraw or not award a scholarship at any time.

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What does the "Financial Circumstances" and "Other Circumstances" question mean?

Many university students experience difficulty with the costs of living and studying. These financial difficulties arise from having limited income (eg. Centrelink benefits) and having lots of expenses (eg. accommodation costs). To claim financial hardship you must demonstrate your financial circumstances through either:

  1. receipt of a Centrelink (or other Commonwealth) means-tested income support payment (such as Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance etc), or
  2. by providing comprehensive information (supported by documentation) demonstrating exceptional financial hardship.

If you have experienced Other Circumstances such as a long term illness, disability, difficult family circumstances, etc. and this has, or is likely to impact, on your ongoing educational needs you must provide supporting documentation to demonstrate what impact these Other Circumstances have had.

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How much is a scholarship worth?

The indicative value of scholarships can be found in the relevant advertising and is confirmed in the Offer Letter that is sent to successful applicants. UNSW reserves the right to change the value of scholarships based on availability of funding.

Applicants should not make decisions about undertaking study based on the availability of scholarship funding. Scholarships are limited in number and do not cover the full cost of tuition fees and living expenses you will incur as a full-time student.

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Do I need to pay tax?

UNSW does not withhold PAYG tax from scholarship or award payments. For this reason it is the responsibility of scholarship and award recipients to check with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and/or an independent tax adviser to ascertain if the payments they are receiving are classified as taxable income.

The following is given as a guide only:

  • Scholarships or awards held by students who are enrolled full-time are generally tax exempt.
  • Scholarships which include a work experience component are generally tax exempt provided the work experience is not compulsory (i.e. the offer letter states 'you may be invited to undertake work experience with (company name) over the summer vacation period'.
  • Scholarships held by students who are enrolled part-time are generally not tax exempt and may need to be declared as taxable income.

For more information on whether or not your non-government scholarship is taxable please go to the Scholarship page on the ATO website.

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Can I reapply or apply for other scholarships if I don't receive one in first year?

Yes! Scholarships are also available at UNSW in second and later years of many programs, so when you enrol at UNSW continue to visit You may also be eligible to apply for an Honours Year and Travel Scholarships which could provide you with a wide range of enriching experiences.

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Will I be invited to attend a Faculty Presentation Evening?

Scholarship recipients will generally be invited to attend a Faculty Presentation Evening. These events are co-ordinated by the relevant faculties. Invitations are extended to scholarship recipients and their families, and also to the scholarship donors.

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Can I get feedback on my application?

Due to the large volume of scholarship applications, we cannot provide individual feedback to applicants regarding their application or why they were unsuccessful. If you attended an interview however, you may be able to request feedback from the interview panel. For privacy reasons UNSW Scholarships does not usually announce the successful recipients of scholarships.

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Can I submit a late application?

We cannot accept late applications. Please check the scholarship deadlines carefully and ensure you submit your application and supporting documentation by the dates listed.

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For high school leavers

Do I need to apply through UAC?

You need to apply through UAC for entry to programs at UNSW. Should you be offered a program or faculty specific scholarship, it is your responsibility to ensure that your UAC preferences are such that you gain entry to the program required by the scholarship.

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What is the Educational Access Scheme (EAS)?

The Educational Access Scheme assists students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage through circumstances beyond their control or choosing, to gain access to tertiary study. See the UAC website ( for further details.

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Can I take a Gap year and still apply for a scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for a scholarship will outline who can apply. Sometimes scholarships will specify that in order to apply you will need to have completed your HSC in the year before commencing tertiary studies. Other scholarships only require you to have completed your HSC and not commenced any tertiary studies, in which case you are able to apply for scholarships if you are on a Gap year.

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Can I defer my scholarship offer?

Some scholarships may allow successful recipients to defer their offer of a scholarship if they officially defer their offer of admission. Please check the conditions of the scholarship or contact us to confirm.

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Current Scholarship Holders

Am I allowed to participate in an exchange program whilst on a scholarship?

Scholarships recipients planning on undertaking a Travel/Exchange program should contact UNSW Scholarships. Normally permission will be granted providing all the courses/subjects undertaken overseas will be credited back to the UNSW degree, but recipients must still seek prior approval.

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Can I transfer to another or combined degree program and retain my scholarship?

This will depend on the type(s) of scholarship you hold and whether the scholarship offer is conditional upon you remaining enrolled in a specified degree program. If this is a condition it will be stated in the offer letter.

If you have received a scholarship which is not linked to a specific Faculty (for example a Commonwealth Equity Scholarship) you can transfer to a different degree, a combined degree or Faculty and still hold your scholarship. However, you must still notify UNSW Scholarships in advance.

If you transfer to another or combined program the duration of your scholarship will not be extended if the length of your degree program has increased.

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Which enrolment variations can affect my scholarship payments?

You must inform UNSW Scholarships of any variations you make to your enrolment so that accurate and timely scholarship payments are maintained. Leave of absence, degree program transfers and withdrawal from courses can affect your scholarship payments.

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For scholarships purposes what is meant by satisfactory academic progress?

If there are any academic progression requirements relating to your scholarship this will be detailed in the offer letter. The requirement may be specified as an overall grade point average, i.e. credit average (WAM of 65) or distinction average (WAM of 75). If the requirement is "satisfactory academic progress" this generally means that you must obtain a pass grade for all your courses and retain an Academic Standing status of 'good'.

If you fail a course(s) you must contact UNSW Scholarships. Your scholarship may be suspended, terminated or you may be asked to complete an Academic Progression Review form. This will then be forwarded to the relevant Faculty office who may request that you attend an interview with an Academic Advisor. Pending the outcome of this review your scholarship may be temporarily suspended. If your scholarship is to be suspended we will send a notification email to your student email account.

If it is a requirement of your scholarship that you retain a credit or distinction average, but you fall below this level we will notify the Faculty. The Faculty may request that you attend an interview with an Academic Advisor to discuss your progress.

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How will my scholarship be paid?

The University deposits scholarship/award payments into your Australian bank account nominated on your Acceptance Form. Scholarship payments are not usually processed until after the HECS census date each semester, with payments commencing late April (Semester 1) and late September (Semester 2).

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Can my scholarships be paid in advance?

No, Scholarship payment dates are stipulated in the offer letter.

If you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, click here for information about student loans. If you choose to apply for a student loan, you must indicate that you are receiving a scholarship.

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How do I change my bank account details?

If you wish to change your bank account details before receiving your first payment you should contact UNSW Scholarships.

If you wish to change your bank account details after receiving your first payment, please log onto myUNSW and update your bank account details. If you have any questions about scholarship payments please contact UNSW Scholarships.

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Can I receive my scholarship payments for study I am completing over the Summer Term?

No, (with the exception of AGSM scholarship holders) payments are only made for study undertaken in Semester 1 and/or Semester 2.

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Are scholarship payments regarded as income for Centrelink?

Generally, scholarships that provide remission or exemption from fees and/or HECS are not regarded as income for Centrelink purposes. However, an allowance of any kind paid directly to a student is likely to be regarded as income except for Commonwealth Scholarships.

Please keep a copy of your scholarship offer letter to give to Centrelink if required.

Information about how Centrelink treats scholarships is available from Centrelink's Youth, Student and Austudy Hotline on 132 490 or from:

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Where should I send my donor report?

For most scholarships it is a requirement that recipients submit a report to the donor. This will be made clear in the offer letter together with the frequency required.

If the offer letter states that the report should be sent to the donor via UNSW Scholarships, you can send the letter as an email attachment either directly to your contact Scholarships Officer or to the generic address

The letter should be marked "For the attention of the (donor)". Please make sure that you date the letter and include the name of the Scholarship or Award. In some cases the donor may wish to respond so you can also include your contact details.

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Will my scholarship/award details appear on my Transcript when I graduate?

Yes, providing your scholarship/award was made after 2006 and is not an equity scholarship. For more information on transcripts go to:

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