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To register you need to either:

  • Lodge/have lodged an application for admission to UNSW or
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How do I apply for entry to UNSW?

Please note that submitting an application for a scholarship does not constitute an application for entry or guarantee entry to programs at UNSW - applicants who are not current UNSW students must apply for admission to UNSW separately.

Click here for information on how to apply to UNSW.

What is my Login ID?

  1. I am a UNSW student/staff
  2. UNSW students currently enrolled into courses/subjects (includes local and international): Use your UNSW Student ID without the "z" (e.g. "1234567").

  3. I am not a UNSW student
  4. Applications through UAC

    Domestic Undergraduate (includes high school leavers), Domestic Postgraduate and International:

    Under UAC/Student number use your nine digit UAC Application number (e.g.123456789).

    If you do not yet have a UAC Number, please temporarily use a 9 digit number - e.g. your Board of Studies number with a leading "1" (e.g. "112345678") or alternative number. You MUST ensure you update this to a valid UAC Number as soon as you receive it and prior to submitting any scholarship applications.

    Direct Applications to UNSW

    • International: Under UAC/Student number enter two zero's followed by your seven digit UNSW Student ID without the "z" (e.g. 003112233).
    • All other Domestic Postgraduate and External Honours applicants Under UAC/Student number enter two zero's followed by your sevent digit UNSW Student ID without the "z" (e.g. 003112233).
    • Please note when logging back into the website after you have registered, your "Login Type" is classified as 'I am not a UNSW Student' you are then required to enter your nine digit number that you have registered with (e.g.003112233).

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Confirmation Of Registration

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I understand I need to validate my registration via my email.
My email address is correct and valid and my account is active and not full.
I have not used a high school based email address. [Note: You can register for a free email address through yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.]